Prienu „Azuolo“ progimnazija

Gliders are made in our town. This glider welcomes visitors to our town.

Prienai is situated on the banks of the largest river Nemunas. You can admire Nemunas’ loop from the birds’ flight.

Old buildings

The Paper mill and the water mill used to operate on a vigour Drubengis stream, near its mouth. It was one of the oldest and biggest paper production enterprises in Lithuania.

In 1984 , the mill set up a Hotel and cafe, which operated untill 1995.

The water mill building (built in 1901) survived in the park. The mill was demolished in 1956.

Prienu “Revuonos” pagrindine mokykla is situated near the park, on the bank of the river Nemunas. Last year it celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Prienu „Azuolo“ progimnazija

The school is the biggest in the town and in the region. Last year it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

A monument to the Duke Kestutis on the bank of the river Nemunas

in summer...

in autumn...

The district of Stadionas hosts...

Sports Arena near the pond, in a picturesque place...

The wooden church

More Special places

Municipality building and the main square

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