Zespó³ Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Gdańsk

Zespó³ Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 2 in Gdańsk is situated in the northern Poland, on the Baltic coast in Pomerania region. This is one of the most popular holiday destination in Poland.

We are a public institution composed of Primary School no 42 and Kindergarden no 73 which educates app. 700 students aged 6-15 and Kindergarden for children aged 3-5. There are more than 100 teachers including pedagigists, therapy teachers and psychologist employed here.

Apart from classrooms fitted for different subjects, ict and language lab,  gym , swimming pool and school ground,  integral parts of school are school club  for children under 9, a school canteen and our tuck shop.

Education at school consists of eight grades - the first stage: grades 1-3, the second stage: grades 4-8. There is also kindergarden here for kids aged 3-5, and obligatory pre-primry class, so called 0-class.


Short movie about our school-prepared by students

We are  experienced in project connected to environmental, health, art, science, cultural expression and made some steps in CLIL projects. Staff of our school is highly engaged into all activities, many teachers take part of different activities or project.


We have learnt newest technologies, worked with project on local and international level, and during opinion and results of exams we know that there is an urgent need to work out the better way of learning and teaching English. Polish educational system is just after transformation and this situation caused new needs among students. In order to adapt school program to changing needs we have made first steps to use CLIL methodology, but we want to develop this direction together with other european partners to exchanged ideas, work out  together the best way to use CLIL. What’s more international project methodology is more atractive, effective for students and motivates them better, make their chances equal in the future life. We wants to work out particularly with ict tools and strategies for using during CLIL lessons.




Some pictures of Gdańsk (made by students)

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