The first meeting in the Czech Republic

The first international visit took place in the Czech Republic in the first week of December. A total of 23 children and teachers from Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Spain came together to Kravaře. Children from European countries lived in families of children from Kravaře. They had the opportunity to know how we live, what we like, and what we, Czechs, have.


Meeting in Kravaře

The whole team of children and teachers had a busy week programme that included joint project activities at our school (creating a multilingual dictionary, making products for the school's Christmas fair, Christmas fair itself), sports activities (we went bowling and swimming to our local sports centre) and a number of trips to nearby and distant surroundings.

Meeting in Kravaře

Our guests were welcomed to the town hall in Kravaře and we had a short tour around the town of Kravaře. Together we enjoyed trips to Opava (we had a city tour there, we were at the Christmas market and we had a beautiful view of Opava from the town hall tower). We also visited industrial city – Ostrava (Landek Park – coal mining place and Bolt tower in the heart of industrial city part). Our guests also discovered a magical historical place - the chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí, where a famous composer L.W. Beethoven spent some time of his life.

We were very pleased that our colleagues and children from all four schools enjoyed their stay in Kravaře and we look forward to the second project meeting, which will take place in Gdańsk, Poland.

Thank you for visiting us.

Marcela Dudová

Czech project coordinator

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