Europe - OUR HOME

is the name of the new European Erasmus+ project (KA229) that has been approved and will take place at five primary schools across Europe

from September 2019 to August 2021


Five partner schools from five European countries will be involved in this project:

Czech Republic - Kravaře

Lithuania - Prienai

Poland - Gdańsk

Italy - Alatri

Spain - Robledo

The whole project is for children from 10 to 14 years of age and will mainly take place in the lessons of English. The main objective of the project is to motivate children to speak, improve the usage of English language and remove barriers when speaking English. Children from all five European countries will work on the joint project activities at their schools in the regular lessons as well as during the partner visits (mobilities). For example, they will make presentations, their own videos, handmade products etc. The teachers will try to guide them to natural English conversation regardless of mistakes.

Another area of project work will include activities related to IT skills. Children will create online exercises that can be used by other classmates in Europe in the lessons of English, they will take part in video conferences, and both teachers and children will regularly contribute to the E-Twinning portal.

 An integral part of the project are five-day visits to all partner schools, so-called mobilities. Some children will have the opportunity to travel abroad, look into the partner cities and get to know the partner schools.

It is very important for us to extend the knowledge about different cultures and traditions in Europe to respect European citizens and prevent misunderstandings among countries. We believe that the project will also support teachers' motivation for their long-term work and professional development beyond normal education.All involved teachers are very active and have a desire to learn new things and travel with children. During our project, we want parents and public to realize that each of the participating schools is trying to give children more than in regular school lessons, we want to practice value-adding teaching to children in this project We believe that “Europe – Our Home” will be the way of pleasant learning and teaching and many new friendships will come into existence across Europe.

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